David Thornhill – Chairman
Russel Byrd – Treasurer
Caroline Yeates – Secretary
Kirsty Muir – Media Director
Paul Halfpenny
Nick Broady
Kevin Dickens
Angela Edwards
Steve Jones
Lee Moulson
Nigel Purveur

Cathryn Hage
John Search
Darren Stevens

 A Message from the Chairman, David Thornhill

“I am delighted to be chairing the Charlie Sharples Testimonial Year Committee. As you will see on this page we have an excellent committee of highly skilled individuals that represent the broad spectrum of the Gloucester supporter base. I would like to thank them for the time and work that they already put into planning what promises to be an excellent year of events and activities. I hope that you will join us in supporting the year by attending an event, becoming a sponsor or buying one of our testimonial year items.

Charlie has been an outstanding servant to Gloucester Rugby. Having joined the Club at a very young age, he quickly demonstrated his electric pace, speed of thought and lethal finishing power. Whilst he may not have achieved as much as he would have liked on the international stage, this has very much been of benefit to the Club. Charlie’s loyal service to the Club is a rarity in what is now a highly commercial and competitive professional environment. I know from speaking to many other fans this loyalty and what he has achieved for the Club is greatly appreciated. Charlie has that exceptional ability that makes fans stand up in anticipation of something happening every time he gets the ball (that is unless of course, you are already standing).

This year is very much about celebrating what has already been an amazing career and showing our appreciation. It is also though about raising money for the excellent local charity The Pied Piper Appeal that in 2017 is celebrating it’s 25th birthday. Headed up by Nick Broady, the Pied Piper Appeal raises an amazing amount of money for some great causes. You can read more about the Pied Piper Appeal on the page dedicated to them on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Charlie Sharples website and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at one of our events planned over the next 12 months.”